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RHINO Services

Precision Machining
Specialty Welding
CNC Punching
CNC Forming
Hardware Insertion

RHINO Technology

Sheet Metal Fabrication
Titanium Engineering
Modeling Design and Prototype Services
CNC Machinery Engineering
Robotic Welding
CNC Punching
Sheet Metal Prototyping
Stainless Steel Machining
Specialty Welding
Prototype Capabilities

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Rhino Manufacturing Services

  • Precision Machining
  • Specialty Welding
  • CNC Punching
  • CNC Forming
  • Hardware Insertion
  • Cosmetic Finishes
  • Anodized Coating
  • Screen Printing
  • Powder Coating



RHINO Manufacturing Technology - How Rhino Can Work With You

“I was searching for a manufacturer that could assist our company in launching a new energy savings product. Ironically, I was given the name of Rhino Mfg. from one of their competitors. They felt that Rhino could better serve our needs. After an initial meeting and a tour of their facility we gave them a prototype, blueprints and within a few short weeks we were off and running. They delivered a quality, finished product and were very helpful and professional. We have installed the units and they are performing extremely well. We look forward to growing our business with Rhino and a long a continued relationship."

Co-Owner and VP of Sales and Marketing, Kurt Grosvenor of Efficium LLC.”

The product we build at Rhino Mfg. falls into two categories: items that come to us pre-engineered by our customers and items with which Rhino Mfg. assists in the development and engineered prototyping. 

In the later case the process begins when you, our customer, come to us with a concept or need.  Our team of engineers, estimators and customer service staff will meet with you to determine everything we need to know about your product.  If there is flexibility in your design this is the moment when you will first notice what makes Rhino Mfg. different from our competition.  Our team will apply its considerable experience to your product to make sure that the end result will meet your needs without being overly complicated and thus overly costly.

Once we have a firm understanding of what you want to build (in the case of pre-engineered product this is the first step) we will work up a cost estimate and quote you a price to build your product.  If our price is acceptable to you we will take your order and begin the engineering process.

Rhino Starts with a Working Solid Model of your Product

If your product is in need of formal development Rhino Mfg’s engineering process begins with the creation of a working solid model.  From this model we generate drawings which we will submit to you for review and approval.  After any changes are incorporated, and you approve the design, (or if your product is pre-engineered) we create the appropriate shop drawings, bill of material, and shop routings — the manufacturing recipe of sorts.

When engineering is complete the material is ordered and the job is released to the shop.  Rhino Mfg is more than happy to have you stop by and review the progress of your product—we thoroughly enjoy customer visits!  If our shop in Snohomish is too far out of your way we can work with you to setup regular calls so you are aware of your product’s status.

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