rhino punching

CNC Punching

The starting point for nearly all sheet metal fabrication items is blanking; at Rhino Mfg. blanking is done on punch press machines. Rhino Manufacturings two CNC turret punches plow through production with extreme speed and accuracy.

These machines are capable of holding tolerances of better than 0.005” and can punch parts using over 50 different shaped tools at a time.

forming sheet metal


Using our four CNC press brakes to form complicated three dimensional shapes and features with bends up to 12 feet long. Speed, accuracy & repeatability are the key to forming; Our brakes regularly hold better than 0.005” tolerances and keep angles within +/- ½ degree of nominal.

Hydraulic clamping rams and quick change tooling help us to change tools and setup machines in a fraction of the time required by other companies.

robot welding

Specialty Welding

Truly Rhino Mfg.’s specialty! Need your welds to be structurally sound and still look great? No problem! Mild steel, stainless steel, coated steel, aluminum; Rhino Manufacturing welds it all.

Capable of MIG, TIG, spot-welding, seam-welding, and even robotic welding our welders are fast and effective while maintaining excellent quality.


rhino machining


Rhino Mfg.’s 3 axis CNC machines round out our metal working capabilities. Our in house prototyping and programming allows for rapid realization of product from a solid model or CAD drawing.

We machine all types of metal, creating features as simple as tapped holes and countersinks to complex features and 4 axis surfaces.

rhino assembly department


Whether your parts get press hardware, rivets or nuts and bolts Rhino Mfg.’s assembly department has the equipment and skill to perform the assembly.  

Additionally our electrical assembly department builds industrial panels and wires together breakers, contactors, relays, switches and more under our UL 508 certification.