Staying current with technology and software is a challenge.  We strive to hold onto technology long enough to utilize it to the fullest potential, and yet remain on the cutting edge of improved services.

Software Technology currently utilized at Rhino:

MRP / ERP System
Vantage, by Epicor:
The backbone of our manufacturing process, Manufacturing Resource Planning is involved in all aspects of order fulfillment; from quotation, to fabrication, to shipment and paperwork generation.  This software helps us accurately identify capacity, materials and processes required, understand costs; and ultimately where all jobs and materials are at in process and when they are likely to complete.  This system is integral to our communication within our own team, as well as with our vendors and customers.

Engineering Software
Solid Works:
Solid Modeling

Forming and understanding bend deductions, bend allowances, X-factors and/or K-Factors has long been as much an art as it is a science.  Forming Software that encapsulates all of our known parameters and assumptions, allows for accurate flat patterns and off-line programming.  This not only reduces scrap rates in production due to required set-up parts, it all but removes set-up time in the forming department for repeating production parts.

Sigma Nest:
Material nesting and CNC programming software.  Dynamic Nesting is the best way to ensure that every available piece of material is utilized for the most cost effective product.  We will often change stock quantities, or suggest customers change order quantities such that they can realize the cost savings allowed from optimum material utilization.  This programming software can also show us when minor part changes, often time thousandths of an inch in reduced profile, can result in big savings.