Kitted Packaging

Fabricated Parts and Assemblies can be bulky and cumbersome.  Rarely does an assembly line or warehouse that we ship to have a lack of space or time constraint.  Receiving multiple pallets and bins of bulk parts can clog assembly lines and chew up precious inventory space.

Rhino's team of logistics experts work in conjunction with our modeling software and customer requirements to provide the right solution.

Returnable, Kitted packaging:

This kitted packaging was designed and modeled by our engineers.  This kit of parts includes 15 different fabricated and finished components; used to assemble 1 customer unit at a rate of 25-50 per week.  With customer input on order of operation, we were able to gain an understanding of the sequence that each component was needed, and then model custom cut foam packaging to safely protect all parts.  This foam is fit to economically sourced collapsable totes.  The solution is returnable packaging that saves money, time and space on both the customer production floor as well as in transit.  With each delivery, our truck drops off 25 completed kits; and picks up 25 empty totes, to be filled and returned. 

Consolidated Freight Packaging:

Another assembly project where Rhino is fabricating multiple components for one assembly line.  These parts are shipping from WA state to AZ.  Returnable packaging is not an economical solution, so Rhino worked to develop sub-assembly kitted solutions.  Packaged to protect fit-up and finish, yet allowing for easy access and delivery to the customers' assembly line.

Shipment Ready Packaging:

Some of our customers are sales based organizations, shipping finished products rather than assembling or further manufacturing product.  We package and deliver this product to customers exacting specifications such that their focus can remain on sales and customer support.

Kitted Assembly Diesel Fuel Tank and Burner