Blanking - Laser/Punch/Machining

The large majority of our fabrications and assemblies begin in the sheet metal or plate form.

Solid models are broken down to the component level, flattened out and nested for optimum material utilization.

CNC code is created and sent to our blanking equipment.

Trumpf Fiber Optic Laser - Tru Laser 1030

Trumpf 1030For the ultimate in precision cutting.  Our laser table handles standard and custom blank sizes, and a large variety of material types.

The laser is the most effective machine for:
Straight line cutting.
Tight nesting and best material utilization.
Large contours.
Intricate or abstract features.
Tight tolerance, precision parts.

Laser Specifications:
3000 Watts
60" x 120" Cutting Table

Typical Materials blanked out on the Laser, Maximum Thickness:
0.750" Mild Steel, Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) and Hot Rolled Steel (HRS)
0.630" Stainless Steel, SS 304, 316, 309, 321 and 400 series
0.500" Aluminum, 5052-H32 and 6061
0.250" Copper, Cu
0.250" Brass
2.00" Plastics

Trumpf Punch Press - Tru Punch 2000

TruPunch Blanking MachineWhen fabrication jobs call for extreme efficiency or flexibility, nothing beats our punch press.  This machine utilizes rail mounted tooling, rather than antiquated turret style punches.  These rail mount tools are mean that our entire selection can be auto-indexed.

With 20 potential tool stations, all auto-indexed, and capable of holding up 10-multi tools each; this machine has the capability of holding 200 different tools in one set-up, with infinite punch pattern options. Running whisper quiet, the Tru Punch is our silent killer; chewing up production fabrication parts.

The punch is the most effective machine for:
Hole intensive parts.
Repetitive features.
Lighter gauge materials.
Highly reflective materials. Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, Titanium

Punch Specifications:
22 Ton
20 Station Tool Rail
48" x 120" Standard Table
96" x 144" Standard Sheet Size

Typical Materials blanked out on the Punch:
0.250" Max Material Thickness

Mild Steel
Stainless Steel

Miscellaneous Blanking:

We also utilize various dimensional tools for blanking component pieces. 
Equipment used for this work includes:

Bridgeport Vertical Mills
Piranah Notcher
Vertical Bandsaw
Cold Saw
Machine Lathe

Other Blanking:

Production and Custom fabrication projects often arise that require blanking outside of our typical scope.  We have various industry partners that support us in other blanking capacity.
Plasma Cutting.
Water Jet.
Larger Table Laser Cutting.
Tube Laser.
Precision Saw Cutting.
Milling, machining and turning.